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The InterRelations Collaborative, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) research and education organization.  With the rise in intergroup tensions in the wake of the Rodney King incident in Los Angeles, the Collaborative undertook national research focusing on increasing intergroup conflicts in demographically changing metropolitan centers.  Nationwide research documented models of intergroup cooperation in major U.S. "Gateway Cities" (New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco).  Research findings were documented in the report, Intergroup Cooperation in Cities: African, Asian and Hispanic American Communities and favorably reviewed in Sage Race Relations Abstracts in “New Demographic and Ethnic Challenges in the United States.”

The research was recognized by the New York State Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights in its report, Resolving Intergroup Conflicts in New York City.  The IRC was invited to present testimony before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights on the Policy Recommendations for Alleviating Tensions: Intergroup Relations Panel at the New York City Hearing on Racial and Ethnic Tensions in American Communities.  Policymaking implications and program development emerging from the research were reported on the Violence Prevention Initiatives Panel at the Conference on Intergroup Relations sponsored by the New York State Human Rights Division at Columbia University.  The InterRelations Collaborative continues to implement its innovative research-driven intergroup relations-building programs for rapidly diversifying student populations at colleges and universities throughout New York City and the Tri-State Area.

To address Covid-related academic “gaps,” prolonged isolation and unfortunate rise of pandemic hate and violence, Academic Mentoring Marathon Workshops are being introduced to heighten academic performance, restore social connections and facilitate interactive exchange among ethnically diverse student populations across New York City.  Academic Mentoring Marathon Workshops are being conducted by Saveena Dhall who has served as Academic & Asian American Dean at Yale for more than a decade-and-half. 

Companion Spoken Word Marathon Workshops are also being implemented to boost students’ sense of morale, confidence/esteem and self-motivation as they re-embark on their post-pandemic educational journeys at colleges and universities across New York City.  Spoken Word Marathon Workshops are facilitated by Michelle “Stella” Rose Mack, Academic Counselor and Gifted Spoken Word Artist.





9/11 Peace Story Quilt

Hofstra University Museum of Art

20th Anniversary


Peace Story Quilt in the Emily Lowe Gallery at the Hofstra University Museum of Art









Since it was established with a start-up grant from The United Way of New York City, the InterRelations Collaborative has been dedicated to building intergroup relations among rapidly diversifying student populations across New York City.  One of the African-Asian cooperative research models was an intergroup arts model featuring the cross-cultural story quilt, My Best Friend, collaboratively designed by visionary New York City artist. Faith Ringgold, Distinguished Professor of Art at the University of California, San Diego, and Lisa Yi, New York City visual artist.

Following the events on September 11, 2001, the InterRelations Collaborative assembled students from across New York City to document their experiences on 9/11.  They authored, in their own words and images, a book titled, What Will You Do For Peace? Impact of 9/11 on New York City.  Their compelling artwork caught the eye of acclaimed Harlem artist, Faith Ringgold, and they were honored to publish their book in association with her. 

In her introduction to the "Peace Book," Ms. Ringgold wrote: "When I was shown the layout for a new book titled What Will You Do For Peace? my heart filled with joy. What a beautiful collaboration, a perfect response from New York City's young people, aged 11 to 19. This gracefully poetic account of that frightening day in their young lives is a gift of sensitivity and love. I was amazed at their generosity of spirit. I found the paintings and expressive verse in the book deeply inspiring."

The Peace Book now resides in the collections of more than 100 branches of the New York Public Library.  The Peace Book sold out at Amazon.com



Peace Story Quilt in the Grossman Gallery at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


The InterRelations Collaborative commissioned Faith Ringgold to design a Peace Story Quilt inspired by the Peace Book in collaboration with New York City students, ages 8-19.  During a series of master classes across New York City, Ms. Ringgold mentored 50 Peace QuiltMakers on transferring their 9/11 peace images from hardcopy to canvas.  The Peace Story Quilt, composed of three panels, each measuring 72”x 50,” was completed for the 5th anniversary of 9/11.  The Peace Story Quilt was first exhibited at ACA Galleries in Lower Manhattan and launched on its journey to spread young New Yorkers’ call to peace and understanding across their global city.  The Peace Story Quilt travels to bring its peace-building programs to educational venues throughout New York City.  The Peace Story Quilt's itinerary is posted below.

The Peace Book was also adapted to visual format to capture the attention of young audiences.  The Peace Video was produced by Rafaela Capellan, Director of Areyto Productions.  The soaring anthem, Can You Hear, featured on the audio-track performed by The Young People's Chorus of New York City was composed by Jim Papoulis of Sounds of A Better World.

QuiltMaking Marathon Workshops are conducted for students as well as pre- and in-service teachers and human service professionals serving ethnically diverse populations in educational and community-based settings by Patricia Maunder, Arts Faculty at University of the Arts, Philadelphia and University of Pennsylvania's Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology.

At SongWriting Marathon Workshops, students compose both lyrics and score of their own songs which are professionally produced in a state-of-the art music studio and performed "Live!" and in-concert in collaboration with award-winning Composer & Conductor, Jim Papoulis.

The InterRelations Collaborative's intergroup relations-building programs are designed to carve out creative space where ethnically diverse student populations can come together, interact and discover the common ground that they share.



Peace Quilt at Godwin-Ternbach Museum at Queens College, City University of New York


The Peace Quilt's Itinerary

ACA Galleries
Faith Ringgold Annual Exhibition
Anyone Can Fly Foundation
New York, New York
New York City Art Teachers Association
NYCATA Annual Conference
New York, New York
AAAS Conference: Multicultural Encounters
The Grand Hyatt at 42nd Street
New York, New York
Teachers College, Columbia University
Department of Curriculum & Teaching
New York, New York
International Festival of Arts & Ideas
National Endowment for the Arts: The Big Read
New Haven, Connecticut
Marymount Manhattan College
Network for Peace through Dialogue Conference
New York, New York
International Institute on Peace Education Symposium
United Nations
New York, New York
Yale University
Battell Chapel
New Haven, Connecticut
Long Island Children's Museum
Community Gallery
Garden City, New York
Yale Divinity School
Marquand Chapel
New Haven, Connecticut
Columbia University
Oral History & Performance Conference
New York, New York
Tufts University
Art Education Department
School of the Museum of Fine Arts
Boston, Massachusetts
Queens College
Godwin-Ternbach Museum
City University of New York
Queens, New York
Hofstra Uiversity
Museum of Art
Emily Lowe Gallery
Hempstead, New York

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ruth and Harold Uris Center for Education
New York, New York





9/11 Peace Story Quilt

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Uris Education Center

10-year Commemoration


9/11 Peace Story Quilt at The Metropolitan Museum of Art


9/11 Peace Art at The Ruth and Harold D. Uris Center for Education


Faith Ringgold & Peace Quilt Artists at Opening Reception


9/11 Peace Quilt Artists Celebrate Peace


9/11 Peace Story Quilt (Panel 1)


9/11 Peace Story Quilt (Panel 2)


9/11 Peace Story Quilt (Panel 3)


9/11 Peace Story Quilt by Faith Ringgold, Grace Matthews, and 9/11 PeaceMakers


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