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Robin J. Miller, NYCATA Art Teacher of the Year



Teacher Feedback

Thank you for including my school in a venture which empowers children to create and increase their self-esteem. My students left this experience with a positive outlook, because they realized their potential is endless. Absolutely marvelous!” Robin J. Miller, Art Teacher/NYC Visual Art Facilitator, The Philip J. Abinanti School (PS 108), Bronx

“My students' participation in the project has been rewarding and memorable. From the moment I introduced the posters to my five hundred students, I have not stopped learning from them and they from each other. Every child produced a poster where they were free to reveal their innermost desires. Their sensitivity, humor, and profound care for the world touched me deeply. From those posters you invited several of my students to participate in a master class with artist, Faith Ringgold. Several of the students chosen are fifth graders. These students are struggling with their own identity and the transition into middle school. Participating in this workshop has helped to solidify their uniqueness as young artists. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Susanne Cranston, Art Educator/Art Therapist ATR, The Children's School (PS 372), Brooklyn

“This art program was very exciting and enriching for my children. The children spent the afternoon working with Mrs. Ringgold. The information and insight that they gained was invaluable and will mold and shape their work for a lifetime. Amiyr Barclift, Art Teacher, The Clara Cardwell School (PS/IS 308), Brooklyn





Parent Feedback

“My child was inspired to create art for peace because he was able to recognize that different children of all backgrounds were participating in the activities.” Nancy B

The most important thing my child learned about the diversity of New York City is even though we come from different places, we’re basically the same.” Yolanda W


















Student Feedback

“We are the peacemakers of tomorrow, today.” Patricia L, 10

“Even though you’re from a different culture, your hearts are still the same.” Yathin L, 10

“Everyone is a piece of the puzzle.” Nicole S, 9

“It’s terrific to be different.” Brittani P, 9

“Everyone is not so different.” Mehroz A, 11

“We aren’t so different after all.” Trenton B, 10

“Say peace in different languages so that we can spread it.” Patricia L, 10

“You don’t only have to write to show peace. You can draw it.” Mehroz A, 11

“Draw and care about peace.” Victoria P, 11


Patricia Maunder & PS 108 Peace Ambassadors


“The InterRelations Collaborative has developed a comprehensive educational program that is demanding and doesn't "dumb down" the students but treats them with the respect that their talent as young artists and exceptional students merits.  The video, What Will YOU Do For Peace?, is an educational film of the very highest order.  It should be seen in every classroom in New York City.  Claire Beckman, Parent of Taylor Morgan, The Children's School (PS 372), Brooklyn



Jessica Liu, CPC



agency feedback

Our youth organizers met dynamic youth from all over the city and began to feel connected to a wider network of youth.  The experience offered our young people all of the five elements essential to fostering resilience in young people.  It has been engaging and challenging, with real world impact and tangible results.  The program offered an unusual consistency of continuity; it is rare that a youth development opportunity is available to our young people which spans their entire high school years.  Every one of the young people is now a college student and performing at a high level of success.”  Susan Matloff-Nieves, Assistant Executive Director for Youth Services, Forest Hills Community House, Queens


Student Feedback

“It has been wonderful to participate in this project with everyone else from different parts of the city.  When I saw the story quilt hanging on the wall of ACA Gallery, I felt I have accomplished something big.  I think this has helped all of us involved with the Peace Book and the Peace Quilt to be better members of society.”  Jessica L, 19

“The Peace Quilt was a once in a lifetime experience and gave me something unique to write about on my college applications.”  Samuel C, 16

“I felt proud when I saw the Peace Story Quilt at ACA Galleries. I look back at how far we have traveled since we first started this project and I am amazed at its process.  I will tell you how I have changed, how it has benefited my academic career, and what I do at Syracuse University. I am an Ambassador for the Multicultural Living & Learning Community where I spearhead the planning committee.  I am working on one project called “Talk2me2knowme” that celebrates dialogue and cultural understanding across the campus.  I am a peer leader, a role model and a mentor to the Leadership and Academic Excellence Program targeted to produce successful and balanced student leaders.  I can certainly say that the Peace Book and the Peace Story Quilt are an integral part of who I have become.  That is why I chose to travel back home five hours by bus from Syracuse to New York City so I could see the Peace Quilt IN PERSON!”  Jennifer Z, 19



Jennifer Zhao, CPC


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