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Baruch College



Thunderbird Dancers PowWow

The powwow is an intimate outdoor festival. You can expect to see hundreds of people there. Gourd dancing starts at noon. Then there is the Grand Entry - the official procession of the dancers into the dance circle. It is a dignified, beautiful procession of men, women and children in regalia. They circle the dance area. The area is blessed. The flags are raised. Then the powwow begins. There are dance competitions in categories for men, women and young children in traditional and contemporary styles of dance. The drummers are also competing for being the best singers and drummers.

As a spectator, you would get a visual banquet. As an insider, you learn that this is a way that we share community. This is about continuity. It is about how music and dance are integral parts of expressing our dynamic spirits throughout time and transcends the cultural differences between Native nations. It is our time to be together. And it is beautiful to see and experience.

If people like, they can bring their own seating. Bring blankets or cushions. The dance circle is a roped off area specifically for the dancers who have hay bales to sit upon.

There are vendors all around the dance perimeter where all kinds of crafts, art objects, and food can be bought. You will want to buy some beautiful jewelry - beaded, bone, and turquoise and silver. Or you may want to purchase pottery or blankets. There will also be beautiful clothing from South America and great Native theme tee shirts and Native music tapes and CDs. There will also be Native and non-Native food. I think you would have fun trying Navajo tacos, clam cakes, Iroquois corn soup, buffalo burgers, strawberry drink, maple drink, and other Native food. Roast corn in the husks! Ummm. It'll be a great adventure! And fun!



Typical American 2085

The typical American of 2085 is:

black, white, red, yellow, light-skinned, dark-skinned,
tall, short, fat, skinny, built, has black hair, brown hair,
blond hair, red hair, curly hair, kinky hair, straight hair,
has extensions, braids, dreds, has brown eyes, black eyes,
blue eyes, hazel eyes, green eyes, grey eyes,
has a flat nose, a round nose, has big lips, small lips,
has a round face, a flat face, an oval-shaped face,
a small waist, a big waist, long legs, short legs,
has big feet, little feet.

The typical American of 2085 wears:

a khoufi, a baseball cap, a beret, a topi, a wrap,
a polo shirt, a guayavera, a T-shirt, an Oxford shirt,
a dashiki, a tunic, a pair of pants, a skirt, moccasins,
clogs, sneakers, chancletas.

The typical American of 2085 eats:

white rice, yellow rice, fried rice, arroz con gandules,
black beans, green beans, hamburgers, hotdogs,
spaghetti, plantains, collard greens, fried chicken,
curry, wonton soup, apple pie, flan, corn bread.

Essentially, there is nothing typical about the American of 2085.


khoufi: African hat
topi: Hindi word for hat
guayavera: shirt commonly worn by men in the hills of Puerto Rico
chancletas: Spanish word for sandals
arroz con gandules: Latino dish of yellow rice mixed with green peas
flan: Latino dessert like custard drowned in caramel





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