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Multicultural Student Leadership Program

IRC's Diversity Workshops build a foundation of respect for diversity and multicultural team-building skills.

IRC's Conflict Prevention Workshops develop pro-active skills and strategies to "de-fuse" tensions before they develop into major confrontations. 

IRCs Multicultural Student Leadership Program has been implemented for students attending public schools in demographically changing neighborhoods in New York City (Abraham Lincoln High School, Benjamin Cardoza High School, Fiorello LaGuardia High School, Fort Hamilton High School, James Monroe High School, Seward Park High School, IS 220, IS 22, JHS 189).  This program has also been implemented regionally at colleges and universities in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island (City University of New York (17 campuses), Baruch College, College of Staten Island, LaGuardia Community College, University of Connecticut, Connecticut College, Wesleyan University, Yale University, Smith College, Williams College, University of Rhode Island).

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I had the opportunity to relate to people of different cultures and backgrounds and see the world from their perspective.” Kingsborough Community College

I have learned that in order to recognize and appreciate differences, we must first take as a given one similarity: we are all human. This is a bridge in the building of relations.” Williams College

I learned that people of all cultures have different customs but they all have a common goal: peace and equality.” New York City Technical College

Everyone has common ground we just have to find it and build from there.” Williams College

The exchange of cultural items had so much impact on the sharing of cultures.” Kingsborough Community College

Sharing a cultural object was very helpful not only in learning more factual information, but to gain respect for the pride that people have in their heritage.” Williams College

I'm coming away with a story from each person's life.” Miss Porter's School

The stories we shared really forged a bond between us and helped me think about how each one (feeling/story) related to my life in some way.” Williams College

I was impressed by the power of using personal experience rather than hypothetical or political discussion.” Connecticut College

One gets to be in another person's shoes.” Queensborough Community College

The readings were very moving. Despite differences across cultures, there are common themes and threads that tie all our experiences together.” Williams College

We all have the common bound of being human. All.” Williams College

From the bumper sticker activity, I learned things that I never knew before.” Miss Porter's School

The role-playing was very powerful as was the display of signs. I had my eyes opened.” Williams College

The role play was really helpful because we dealt with real issues.” Wesleyan University

Role plays portrayed real situations, not made-up.” Baruch College

The role plays were most helpful because we shared personal experiences, but these experiences took on universal meaning because they made me realize how all emotions are universal.” Williams College

Role-playing was helpful because it really makes you think how others are seeing the same situation in different ways.” Williams College

All aspects reinforced the idea that one must look inward as well as outside. We need to step outside of ourselves and look at things from a different perspective.” Connecticut College

An opportunity to interact with people I might have never met were it not for this event.” Wesleyan University

The training was set up in a way that everyone took part.” Medgar Evers College

I loved the intimacy of the breakdown groups. I also liked that they were diverse groups.” Connecticut College

Interesting to learn about the people in our group. Found things that I never knew.” Connecticut College

Everyone is human. Doesn't matter what race or culture we are.” LaGuardia Community College

In all activities, I noticed that communication is really important.” Connecticut College

I saw in action the effects of getting to know others and how contact can bring one closer to understanding and empathy.” Williams College


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